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Mindy Mcadams at http://mindymcadams.com/tojou/ and I in this blog strongly recommend WordPress.com for online journalism above all the other free blogging platforms, for various reasons. One big reason is the vast number of tutorials and lessons and support (see an example: a one-minute video that shows you how to save a draft of a new post). See this overview of WP features if you need to be convinced.

Just go there and click the big blue button that says Sign Up Now! (It couldn’t be any easier.) . Starting from a scratch is not to worry about with how to get started with WordPress.com. Mindy summarizes the steps as simply as possible:

  1. Register at WordPress.com (you cannot change your user name later, so choose wisely)

  2. Start a new blog and give it a URL (e.g., myblog.wordpress.com); this also cannot be changed later, so what you pick for “myblog” matters a lot

  3. Read Getting Started if you feel nervous about this

  4. Modify Settings (change your blog’s title, etc.; lots of stuff can be changed any time)

  5. Choose a Theme (how your blog looks); you can change this as often as you like (cool!)

  6. Write your first new post — and publish it

  7. Delete the “Hello World!” post that WordPress gave you

  8. Edit your new post and add a hyperlink (then Update Post)

  9. Test your link on the live blog! Does it work? If not, go back to the Dashboard and fix it

  10. Customize your sidebar(s) with widgets — this is fun!

If still you can get the heck of it, we recomment the following resources for bloggers guideposts which include how-to videos, the official WordPress.com blog, and — best of all — the official support site. Try it now.

References: http://mindymcadams.com/tojou/ and wordpress.com

Podcasting as journalistic tool:

View and react.

1. Mr. Melchor Eroda of San Vicente Integrated School uses  video (broadcasting) posted at you tube to enhance his blog site and at the same time invite people to visit his place.

2. Bloguide: The Power of Critiquing before a panel

3. Podcasting and crowd sourcing inputs straight from Prof. Espinosa:

11 days equals 11 insights

If you think that 11 days of camping is tiring, well, you might be right. But while we wear and tear ourselves by listening to our resource speakers and pressing on the keys of our laptops incarcerated with the beauty of Mimosa Leisure Estate, learning at the Camp Blog 1b is definitely a different story with inspiring points to tell.

Inspired from the book of James Redfield, I will be sharing to you some insights that you may come across in participating to this affair. (Read more)

<Photo courtesy of R. Brun>

To Mimosa with love

All the while I could see the light that this Camp Blog would just be just easy and bright. As days passed by, I felt the toll that it required.  Suddenly a hard blow almost knocked me down. I frowned like an iceberg drifted and melted into the abyss. I just wish I should have not been misunderstood; I thought to myself and cried.

The next day, it’s time to blog. With a change of fate, I saw a mimosa at Mimosa Leisure Estate. To describe the beauty of the two  is to be in loved with their caress, beauty and wit.   I know it won’t be straightforward for me who is an IT enthusiast what more for those newbies in blogging gigs. As a result,  I have to step lighter this time. I have to be careful that I won’t hurt other feelings. The road maybe bumpy yet the reward is inspiring and fruitful once one does blogging.

With this in mind, I have to review and absorb the lesson of the first Camp Blog. It will not stop here but rather will usher perspective and challenges of future blogging.

Courtesy of khane1561 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vj4WT04bx4&feature=fvsr.

I would like to hear from you on what you think about bringing the idea of including online journalism contest via wordpress as platform at the National Press Conferences in Public Schools.  Thus, I ask this question.

Please feel free to share your views on this issues.

React and let your voice be heard.